Chronic Complainer Anthony Davis Thinks Green Bay Is A Shithole

anthony davis tweet

by Tommy Gimler

Packers fans looking to keep their fat asses warm today received some fuel for their fires courtesy of this tweet San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis sent out after WWE superstar/sad old man Ric Flair flew into Green Bay (well, Appleton) to give the 49ers a pep talk before Sunday’s NFC Wild Card playoff game:



The DUD Breakdown

1) In the NFL in 2014, if the only way you can get pumped up for a playoff game is by flying in a has-been 64-year-old actor best known for putting on makeup and dressing up in gowns and speedos…

…then your team has fucking problems. Show some pride and at the very least fly in Randy Orton…

2) In terms of spelling and grammatical errors, it was actually a pretty solid tweet from Davis. Not bad for a guy who didn’t finish his degree at a shithole like Rutgers. Although, according to and, “shit hole” is actually one word: shithole. Also according to, “poopsterbate” is when you simultaneously poop and masturbate…

3) Green Bay, WI might not be the ideal place to spend your retirement years, but unlike San Francisco, at least we can walk from our hotel to the corner store without being bombarded by at least a half dozen crackheads asking us for a couple of bucks. At least we can walk a few city blocks without the overwhelming stench of urine trumping that of my delicious footlong Subway Melt. At least we can walk through the Lambeau Field parking lot without getting shanked. Actually, the city of San Francisco is so awesome that they are moving the new home of the 49ers even further away from the shithole…

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2 Responses to Chronic Complainer Anthony Davis Thinks Green Bay Is A Shithole

  1. Kevin Milbach says:

    I agree with you for the most part. Anthony Davis may have gotten the wrong impression of our area from the shithole hotel they were put in. It used to be the gem of our area but has been sold to some folks using the investment as an excuse for a green card! They have let it run down to the point of embarrassment and no one in town has the stones to stand up and say Fix the Place or Sell it!

  2. Tim Rogers says:

    AD can fuck off. I’d stay at the Anchorage Motel 6 to watch a Packers/9ers playoff game!!

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