The DUD Asks Our Resident Black Guy Why Nobody Cares That Matt Barnes Called His Teammates Niggas

Matt Barnes Fight

by Tommy Gimler

Los Angeles Clippers forward/turd Matt Barnes was ejected from last night’s 111-103 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder for shoving Serge Ibaka after he became tangled with Barnes’ teammate Blake Griffin. Following his exit, Barnes took to Twitter and proceeded to call his teammates “niggas.” No word yet on how pissed Byron Mullens was about that.

As expected, the pussies over at the four-letter ran a graphic with dashes, asterisks, and other words that Brian Portz can’t pronounce, but here’s exactly what Barnes had to say about his Clippers teammates:

The post was later deleted but thankfully not before Deadspin and a couple of sports blogs were able to get their paws on it. The NBA fined Barnes $25,000, and that was the end of it. No huge discussion between ESPN’s resident retards Steven A. Smith and Skip Bayless about how the use of the “n-word” has no place in sports. No morning roundtable sans Berman and Ditka discussing how unacceptable that word is in society. Or basically, the exact opposite of what happened last week with the Miami Dolphins when a voicemail left for Jonathan Martin by Richie Incognito was leaked to the media in which Incognito called Martin a “half-nigger.”

So, we don’t get it. Why are people losing their minds like they just witnessed somebody toss one off in church when one guy uses the racial slur and then sporting a who-gives-a-shit attitude when somebody else does? We asked The DUD’s resident black guy, Short Game Jenkins, to clear things up:

The DUD: Thanks for calling us back, Short Game Jenkins. Thought you’d be knee deep in somebody’s mom.

Short Game Jenkins: I was.

The DUD: Oh… Hey, why aren’t people losing their shit over what Matt Barnes said about his teammates?

SGJ: I didn’t see it yet. What did he say?

The DUD: Remember what Richie Incognito said about Jonathan Martin?

SGJ: You better let me wait until I get to the car on this one…

Ten minutes later…

The DUD: OK. So, why is he able to call his teammates niggas, but Richie Incognito can’t?

SGJ: Well, it’s the way he typed it with the a-s at the end of it. It’s more of like the hip-hop nigga whereas Incognito just flat out called his boy a nigger. You can’t do that, man.

The DUD: Yeah, but Matt Barnes called all of his teammates “niggas.” That’s eleven guys. Wouldn’t calling eleven guys “niggas” be worse than calling just one guy a nigger?

SGJ: No, it’s worse. He singled out one guy and flat out called him a nigger. You can’t do that, man.

The DUD: Yeah, but he called him a “half-nigger.” That’s just half of a really bad word. Wouldn’t calling eleven guys “niggas” be worse than calling just one guy a “half-nigger?”

SGJ: Man, he could have called him a quarter or one-eighth nigger. It don’t matter. Again, “niggas” ain’t as serious.

The DUD: What if Barnes would have said “niggaz” instead of “niggas?” Even more style points, then with the a-z at the end?

SGJ: Yeah, the a-z or a-s ending is harmless and acceptable. Basically, it’s what they use in hip-hop, so it’s OK.

The DUD: OK. So, in your expert opinion, is Richie Incognito a racist?

SGJ: You bet your fucking ass he is.

The DUD: Hey, thanks Short Game Jenkins!

SGJ: Say hi to your mom for me…

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