The Best Part Of The NBA Finals Was This Jackass

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by Tommy Gimler

While the last two games of the NBA Finals did provide several moments of awesome, the end result was about as predictable as the half hour after making a late night Taco Bell run.

Deep down, you had to know that Thursday night would end like we told you it would two months ago, and that was with LeBron James hoisting his second consecutive championship trophy in the air or a-yer or ai-ay-ai-ay-er or whatever the fuck the kids are calling it these days. And it would be followed by those dipshits at the four-letter, the same ones who ripped his ass after failing to win in Cleveland, deciding to take his talents to South Beach, and then choking in his first Finals appearance there, now talking about how great James is and always has been.

But what wasn’t expected was Bill Simmons comparing another player to a litmus test and then this:

If this guy isn’t laying face down in his own puddle of vomit and is instead running around shirtless and holding up two fingers somewhere in South Beach tonight, buy him a silo of Pabst for us, and tell him thanks for providing the only unpredictable moment of the 2013 NBA Finals…

UPDATE: The guys at Deadspin have a longer and higher quality clip of our hero:

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