LeBron Is The MVP, But Who Was The Worst Player Of The 2012-13 NBA Season?

LeBron James

by Tommy Gimler

ESPN is reporting that LeBron James will be named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player Sunday for the fourth time in his career. Then again, it’s ESPN we’re talking about here, and they are citing unnamed sources, so it probably means that the real MVP will be Tiago Splitter.

James finished the 2012-13 season fourth in scoring, averaging 26.8 points per game, and fifth in field goal percentage (.565). He also averaged 8.0 boards per game to go along with 7.3 assists and 1.7 steals per contest. Only Rajon Rondo had more triple doubles, and LeBron’s 36 double doubles were by far the most for any player not at the center and power forward positions.

But enough about LeBron. We get it. He’s amazing. And talking about how awesome he is can get quite boring and redundant, like having sex with your wife. Instead, let’s focus on the biggest piece of pig shit to take to the hardwood this season, because let’s face it. Nobody celebrates deplorable futility quite like Taylor Swift. But after her, it’s definitely us.

The winner of The DUD’s 2012-13 Lil Wayne Award for being the worst player in the NBA is…

Lamar Odom – Power Forward, Los Angeles Clippers

When the Clippers brought Lamar Odom back to town last summer, team president Andy Roeser said, “I think this is the right place for him to be at the right time.” And if by that Roeser meant that this season was the right time for Odom to give Clippers fans a dick sandwich every night, then he was absolutely correct.

The season didn’t get off to a great start for Odom as he arrived to training camp fatter than his soon-to-be ex-wife. And by the time it was over, even though he played in all 82 games, Odom had career lows in games started, minutes per game, field goals made and attempted per game, three point shooting, free throw percentage, and points per game.

Among power forwards who played in at least half of their team’s 82 games this season, Odom’s 39.9% field goal percentage was the fifth worst mark, and his 47.6% free throw shooting percentage was third worst. And only Udonis Haslem scored fewer points per game among power forwards who averaged at least 18 minutes per game, and that’s just gross.

If you’re looking for the only performance worse than Odom’s 2012-13 season, here it is:

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  1. Jay says:

    At first I thought you just posted Taylor Swift covering the Stone’s Wild Horses and I almost threw up…thank god it was some other shitty song with Horse in the title…

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