Add John Tortorella To The List Of Guys Who Can Run A Train On My Sister

john tortorella

by Tommy Gimler

Since the NBA playoffs (how in the fuck was there no game last night?) are a bigger joke than Justin Bieber winning any award that’s not made from dog shit, and since there were only five MLB games on the schedule yesterday, I decided to give the Rangers-Bruins game a shot last night. And now there are three words that will ensure I take in Game 5: John Fucking Tortorella.

New York might have staved off elimination with a 4-3 overtime win over Boston, but the best moment of last night’s game came from the Rangers’ sideline with less than three minutes left in regulation courtesy of Tortorella. The Rangers’ head coach went Christian Bale on a linesman after a delayed call gave the Bruins another shot on goal, and things got so heated that even the linesman returned the favor:

What’s even crazier than that exchange is the fact that I pulled that video from Black Sports Online.

This isn’t the first time Tortorella has lost his shit on live television. Hell, it’s not even his most recent. Check out this video from last night’s presser where he tells the media to kiss his ass in regards to sitting Brad Richards in Game 4:

And finally, if neither one of those clips has left you with a chub, then this one ought to do the trick. Watch as Tortorella tells New York Post reporter Larry Brooks that he was probably the kid who was beat up at the bus stop:


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