Rutgers Fires Mike Rice For Physical Abuse And Calling His Players Faggots

mike rice

by Tommy Gimler

Just days before the Final Four is set to tipoff in Atlanta, here’s a story that’s more disturbing than Carrot Top’s face.

Check this out:

Jesus fuck. Watching that video leaves us with more questions than a 10-year-old kid holding a pamphlet on sex education, but these two really stick out:

1) Why did it take so long for Rutgers officials to can this pile of pig shit, especially after former Milwaukee Bucks above-average player Eric Murdock went to them as early as last summer?

2) As a player, why would you continue to play basketball for Mike Rice after he throws a ball at your head and calls you a faggot? And if that wouldn’t get you to transfer to another program, then what would?

We asked our readers that very question, and here is what some of them had to say:

A little spank, a little tug, or reach around. No big deal. Start using homophobic names?! That’s where my line gets drawn.

- Tim Wacker, Wisconsin

I can handle words, but throwing a basketball at my head, then it’s over. This isn’t the fucking Army. In fact, the Army stopped physical abuse over 20 years ago, so why would you put up with it at Rutgers?

- Tim Rogers, California

Throwing shit at players is probably where I’d draw the line. Either I had great coaches or played on awesome teams, ‘cuz nobody I knew ever came unglued like that.

- Zachary Redding, Wisconsin

Throw a basketball at me, and I’ll throw one right back at the piece of shit. Push me, and I’ll push the piece of shit right back. Sooner or later, the real faggot would be exposed, but I wouldn’t leave the program unless he assaulted my mother.

- Mike Leary, Arizona

The pushing and throwing stuff, although I was so bad the coaches really didn’t expect much, so they didn’t feel the need to call me a pillow biter or something like that.

- Eric Huebschen, Wisconsin

If only we could get Norm to show a little fire. We couldn’t even get that ass clown to take his belt out of his pants before putting them in the wash.

- Kevin Raab, Wisconsin

If the alums stopped paying me or the coach threatened to tell the NCAA I was accepting inappropriate benefits, I would retaliate against this behavior. I would then dig and find a smart blogger and ask to expose my coach for revenge, so I would not be charged with assault. I’m sure one of those players knew someone at ESPN to expose him for retaliation.

- Luanne Verbrick, Wisconsin

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