Smoking Hot Cheerleader Sinks Half Court Shot

Ashlee Arnau - WCU Cheerleader Hits Half Court Shot

by Tommy Gimler

We couldn’t label this cheerleader as sexy until we confirmed that William Carey was a university and not a high school. But now that that is settled, being smoking hot isn’t Ashlee Arnau’s only talent. Here’s something else from Ashlee that might require you to change your drawers:

Now hit the replay button and get ready to hit your pause button as The DUD breaks down Ashlee Arnau’s 15 minutes…

The DUD Breakdown

1) If you pause it just right at the 5-second mark, the water boy is pretty stoked about the upskirt action he’s taking in. Either that, or he has some kind of palsy, which is for some reason a common trait for ball boys and water boys at all levels of the game.

2) At the 10-second mark, this guy gets a “just the tip” version of an on-the-court celebration. Seriously, he gives it a go for not even three seconds before turning around as if twelve or thirteen security guards are going to pounce on him or his Uber-Christian mom is right behind him waiting to drag him off by the ear for intentionally touching a girl.

3) Holy shit! At the 19-second mark, is that the fat black kid from Old School?

4) And at the 21-second mark, we see that Mississippi schools are apparently still stuck in the 60′s and seating spectators at sporting events by race.

5) And finally, at the 24-second mark, we find Ashlee and another smoking hottie and fellow WCU cheerleader touching each other. Meanwhile at the scorer’s table, I think we have identified the guy (in the light blue shirt) who unbeknownst to anybody else, installed four new toilet bowl cams in the women’s locker room last week…

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2 Responses to Smoking Hot Cheerleader Sinks Half Court Shot

  1. Kelly says:

    See if this girl will be the eye candy or boner of the month. Dark skinned and flexible is a lethal fucking combo, brah.

  2. GDP says:

    Hell of a shot.

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