Probably The Greatest Headline Ever: Phillies Giancarlo Stanton Mike Stanton rumor WIP Donovan McNabb Yahoo boobs

Giancarlo Stanton

by Tommy Gimler

David Murphy of the Philadelphia Daily News is my hero. Well, since Justin Verlander is currently plowing Kate Upton, then I guess he is technically my hero. But after entitling his latest post Phillies Giancarlo Stanton Mike Stanton rumor WIP Donovan McNabb Yahoo boobs on his blog High Cheese, Murphy is a close second.

In an effort to show how journalism, much like a used condom on prom night, has been thrown out the window in today’s world of sports reporting, Murphy used the title to show just how absurd Chris May of CBS3 in Philadelphia was when he tweeted that the Phillies were aggressively pursuing Giancarlo Stanton.

You can read his entire post, including his apology for those who came to his page expecting to find boobs, by clicking here.

And while we’re on the topic of High Cheese and Giancarlo Stanton, the only member of the Miami Marlins who actually matters had a little bit of a scare yesterday when Jose “Rick Vaughn” Fernandez literally threw some high cheese into Stanton’s ear:

Only 14,705 hits on the best young power hitter in the game taking a 93 MPH heater to the dome? Maybe uploader Manny Navarro needs to take a page out of David Murphy’s book and change the title of the video to Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez plunks Giancarlo Stanton in head with Kobe Bryant’s wife strapon fucking Paula Abdul. Just saying…

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