In Every Sense Of The Word, Titus Young Is A Turd

titus young

by Tommy Gimler

They say that for every Peyton Manning, there’s a Ryan Leaf. For every Curtis Enis, there’s an Adrian Peterson. And then for every Titus Young, there’s every other player on the board.

Going into the 2011 NFL draft, Titus Young was considered by most teams to be a risky pick, but not because of his play on the field. In his final two seasons at Boise State, Young caught 150 passes for 2,256 yards and 19 touchdowns.

But according to Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman, Young was suspended multiple times during his sophomore campaign. In one instance, Young was barred from the team for fighting with a teammate. Sound familiar? That’s because Titus Young was kicked out of last year’s OTA’s for sucker-punching his Detroit Lions teammate Louis Delmas.

And in both situations, it seems as though Young didn’t get the original message. At Boise State, according to Bleacher Report, Young’s suspension was initially supposed to be at least three games, but head coach Chris Johnson would change that to indefinite several weeks later, and Young would miss the majority of his sophomore season.

Fast forward to this season, and Young was a headache as soon as the season started. And this is after telling the media that he was “truly sorry” for his actions at the OTA’s. The situation came to a head in Week 11 when Young purposely lined up in wrong spot on multiple occasions, and the Lions placed him on Injured Reserve, ending his season.

And now Titus Young has taken to Twitter, suggesting that if the Lions aren’t going to give him the ball, then he didn’t want to play. And yesterday, there was this post from his @TitusDYoungSr account:

Oh I’m not done, if y’all going to cut me let me go. I’m tired of the threats

The DUD Breakdown

1) Titus D Young Sr? So, you’re telling me there’s another one of these dipshits running around? Great.

2) I’m sure I’m not the only one who isn’t surprised at the following:

  • Even after everything he’s done, Titus Young is still employed by the Detroit Lions.
  • The Detroit Lions selected a wide receiver with a high draft pick in 2011.
  • Even after telling the media he was “truly sorry” or he has “learned his lesson,” a professional athlete proves he really wasn’t or hasn’t.
  • Titus Young’s grammar is terrible.

3) Are the days of going into a coach’s office and respectfully voicing your displeasure of your role in the offense over? It’s mind bottling, the amount of athletes who take to Twitter instead. What does Titus Young hope to accomplish by this? That @No1LionsFan, @LoveMyLions, @LionsFanBilly, @TaylorSwiftBlows, and @JunkInMyTrunk69 all call their Detroit Lions season ticket representatives to voice their displeasure with the way he’s used in their four-wide package?

4) The Detroit Lions are already having character issues with their roster, and the Lions’ offseason isn’t even a month old yet. Last year’s offseason yielded seven arrests, so if this is a sign of things to come, Terez Owens might need to hire some extra help.

5) Titus Young is begging the Lions to cut him, and while that might seem like a rather moronic career move, the Cincinnati Bengals and Dallas Cowboys do need help at the wide receiver position…

6) According to Yahoo! Sports, the Detroit Lions have 14 wide receivers under contract for next season, and that means the Lions have zero reasons to keep this turd Titus Young in uniform…

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