Deaf Man Using Sign Language Stabbed When Idiot Thinks He’s Flashing Gang Signs

sign language

by Tommy Gimler

We’re not sure if Robert Jarell Neal is a Raiders fan, but he sure as hell acted like one last week in North Carolina.

According to witnesses, Neal became incensed when Terrance Ervin Daniels threw up some signs during a conversation with another man, and that’s when he pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed Daniels multiple times. Only those weren’t gang signs Daniels was throwing in the air, dawg. You see, Daniels’ signs represented words because he is deaf.

While Daniels stumbled over to a patch of grass, Neal ran into the backyard of a nearby house where another witness said he threatened her 12-year-old granddaughter who was putting away her dog for the night.

Emergency personnel arrived on the scene and transported Daniels to a local hospital, where he is currently in stable condition. Meanwhile, Robert Jarell Neal remains behind bars on a $500,000 bond and has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury and felony assault on a handicapped person.

Police say that Neal himself isn’t a member of any gang, which makes his actions more baffling than Taylor Swift’s success.

The DUD Breakdown

1) Seriously, the whole story has us saying, “What?” No pun intended…

2) Are we the only ones who didn’t know that assaulting handicapped people is in a category all by itself? Think about that before you take action the next time the local kid with Downs grabs your wife’s jugs at Dollar General…

3) Before Robert Jarell Neal stabbed a deaf man and threatened a 12-year-old girl, he already had a rap sheet for a previous assault. We have our intern Rakesh on it to see whether or not he beat the snot out of a one-armed Mexican midget in that case…

4) We also have Rakesh seeking a comment from Jay Cutler’s camp on how he feels now that he no longer the biggest asshole alive…


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