This Guy Makes Dwight Howard Look Like Mark Price

free throw

by Tommy Gimler

And no, we’re not talking about this guy’s skin being so dark that he makes Dwight Howard look white.

Check out this free throw attempt by Appalachian State backup center Brian Okam from Saturday’s game against Western Carolina:

The DUD Breakdown

1) For starters, check out how many seats are empty. Why do either of these schools even have a basketball program? It looks worse than a WNBA game out there for Christ’s sake.

2) I guess now we know why Okam plays for Appalachian State instead of North Carolina as well as why he rides the pine for the Mountaineers. Hard to believe that he once played for Rutgers, but then again, Rutgers hoops these days are about as relevant as the black guy from Miami Vice.

3) In case you’re failing to decipher just how bad Okam’s attempt was, when you’re home during the upcoming holiday season, take your six-year-old nephew outside in the freezing cold and let him chuck the rock from the free throw line, and watch how much closer he gets. Hell, take the retarded girl from across the street, you know, the one who holds her eating utensils with her wrists, wheel her over to your driveway, and give her a shot. Odds are she’ll come closer to making it than Okam.

4) If there was ever a time for an on-air announcer to drop an F-bomb while describing a play, that was it. It’s not like he would have gotten in any trouble for it. Chances are pretty good that nobody was tuning in to watch the action in the first place…

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