The DUD’s Best Of 2012 – Me Want More Fish

bill wisth

by Tommy Gimler

Since they’re extremely easy posts and I have to be on the golf course in an hour, The DUD is kicking off this weekend with part one of our three-part “Best O’ The DUD” series. Here’s a story we ran back in May when a 350-pound piece of pig shit in Wisconsin decided to protest outside of a restaurant after they refused to serve him any more fish during one of their all-you-can-eat Friday nights:

Fact: Bill Wisth went to an all-you-can-eat fish fry in Wisconsin on Friday. Fact: Bill Wisth was given at least 20 pieces of fish. Fact: Bill Wisth refused to pay his bill because he wanted more fish. Fact: Bill Wisth is a piece of shit.

Only in Wisconsin will you find this story not in The Onion. The 6’6″, 350-pound fat ass was seen picketing outside Chuck’s Place in Thiensville on Sunday after he said management refused to give him any more fish. Here is a respected Milwaukee television station (WISN) actually giving this guy camera time. Please note the camera is zoomed out as far as possible.

Wisth said that it’s time to stand up for consumers, so he plans on protesting outside the restaurant until he is allowed to eat all he can eat. No word yet as to whether or not the United Nations will allow the Pacific Ocean to be emptied in order to meet Wisth’s demands.

The bottom line is that if Bill Wisth really cared about other consumers, he would have stopped at six pieces of fish so the rest of the Chuck’s Place patrons could enjoy the same promotion. He should be lucky that with an outstanding tab at the restaurant they even gave him a piece in the first place.

We’re still waiting on confirmation of whether or not Wisth has a family or if he ate them before the interview.

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