Anna Paulina Mayerhofer Has A Lot Of Letters In Her Name And A Lot Of Reasons To Fall In Love With Her

Anna Paulina Mayerhofer

by Tommy Gimler

Anna Paulina Mayerhofer is not only more attractive than any girl who has ever said one word to you, but she’s ambitious and, get this, she’s in the Air Force.

Joining the Air Force at 19 to help pay for medical school (and fight those damn Nazis), Anna is currently the hottest member of our Armed Forces. She has to be. She is also currently enrolled at the University of West Florida studying pre-med.

She works full time on top of going to school, so her schedule is pretty busy. But she says she always finds time to play. She’ll be applying to medical school in a little over a year, with her top choice being UCLA (please God, it’s where I live), but the Air Force and military in general have wonderful programs for those pursuing careers in medicine, so she might just apply to their military medical school and have Uncle Sam pay for it. Smart girl.

She definitely doesn’t have a problem helping our boys overseas. She says they need it the most. She’s been doing modeling on the side since the age of 17 and currently does promo modeling and print modeling for a few bikini companies.

“I’d have to say the funnest shoot I’ve done so far is with Particle 9 Tatical Bikinis,” Anna says, “but Capristan Swimwear typically has fun promo events as well down in Orlando. It’s basically a shoot and party all in one :)”

Hailing from Southern California, Anna grew up in Orange County near Laguna Beach and went to high school in Santa Monica. She’s also an adrenaline junkie and went skydiving last month.

Here is just a short list of other companies, products, and people who also think Anna is gorgeous:

Perlieu for Urban Outfitters (Native American Collection) print/advertisement model (2008)

DimMak Record Label (promo model) (2008)

MAXIM w/Katrina Bowden & Audrina Patridge SPRING BREAK 2012

Victory Marketing Brand Embassador for Curve Appeal (Spring Break 2012-Currently)

Clips & Hips Particle 9 Clothing Company Tatical Bikinis by Chasen Grieshop (Summer 2012)

Capristan Swimwear (Summer 2012-current)

“I’m a pretty simple girl really,” Anna says. “My favorite band is Led Zeppelin, and everyone should listen to When the Levee Breaks. It’ll make your day a hell of a lot better.”

In the little free time she gets, she’s either at the gym (obviously), in the library, and shooting guns. Yes, she’s an advocate for gun ownership and has her very own handgun, a Glock 19, 9mm. So there. If a girl like Anna owns guns, Bob Costas can eat my ass.

“Life is short. Everyone needs to carpe diem and chill out a little. Duck Dynasty is the only show I watch so if you ever need a good laugh, tune in.”

Duck Dynasty? Hey, if she’s ever at my house, she can watch whatever she wants.

For more Anna Paulina Mayerhofer, check out after you check her out here:

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4 Responses to Anna Paulina Mayerhofer Has A Lot Of Letters In Her Name And A Lot Of Reasons To Fall In Love With Her

  1. Brielle says:

    Anna ? Lol … How many other girls are like this.. She has no originality. And your an idiot dude who likes her

  2. Nathan Burnell says:

    Actually she us quite original and very n ice and down to earth. I had the privilege of both working out with her as well as hanging out with her while we were stationed together in Missouri.

  3. Victor J Landi says:

    Anna is gorgeous. She is an amazing young lady. She is the total package, the kind of girl you dream of. So outgoing, you can see the love of life in her eyes. So beautiful, I am smitten. From the first pix I ever saw of her, she is a knockout. I am so proud of her service, I admire her career choices and am just so stunned by her beauty. Anna Paulina Mayerhofer, you are loved.

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