Fantasy of Futility

by Tommy Gimler and thetop5Five

It’s fairly obvious that nobody celebrates futility as much as us. There’s just something about watching Brandon Weeden throw four picks in the first half that does it for us.

Well, our friends at The Top 5 Five have come up with a fantasy game to celebrate these huge fucking losers. It’s super easy to play. So easy, in fact, that even a woman could do it. Here’s what you do:

1) Pick a quarterback you think is going to suck.

2) Pick a running back you think is going to suck.

3) Pick a wide receiver you think is going to suck.

4) Pick a tight end, like Kyle Rudolph, you think is going to suck.

Note: Every player must be a starter, and they have to play on Sunday. (No Monday nighters, bitch).

Since it’s a game built on celebrating futility, you’ll win absolutely nothing if you pick the worst squad. Just do it to make games featuring the Browns, Jets, and Panthers relevant. Like they said, everyone is welcome to try and stink up the joint like a fat kid that just ate a couple double doubles. Click on the link below to post your team on The Top 5 Five’s website:

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