You Stay Classy, Giants Fans


by Mike Hunt

I just watched this for the first time and it pisses me off to no end.

Check out the 3:40 mark of the video below to see Giants fans boo Tommy Lasorda as he’s being honored for his WWII service:

I am among the most extreme sports “haters” I know. If I hate your team, I fucking hate your team with every fiber of my being. I say horrible, disgusting, inhuman things about the players. I compare the coaching staff and ownership to the worst dictators and despots history has to offer. In the smack game within the game, I go thermonuclear on a hair trigger. Of course, I only really mean the things I say 96% of the time.

But to boo a military veteran who is being honored for his service is truly beyond reproach. Giants fans, check yourselves. This is fucked up.

Anyone who knows me knows that my most hated sports team is the New York Yankees. I rise from bed each day hoping that bad things happen to the franchise, and their demise is among my prayers each night.

A few short weeks after 9/11 do you know who I rooted for in the World Series? Yep. It was like drinking sour milk 9 innings at a time, but I did it. If one kid whose dad was murdered that day got to enjoy a World Series title, that’s what I wanted. Some things in life are far more important than sports. And the two baseball seasons that Tommy Lasorda sacrificed to fight for his country in WWII count among them. Shame on you, San Francisco…

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  1. F U says:

    Daily Upper Decker – Nothing but sports and crap. I guess this article falls under the latter.

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