Probably The Worst Thing I’ve Heard Since My Grandma Farted In Church

human garbage

by Tommy Gimler

Why do untalented people in this country continue to chase their dreams of being a superstar? Two words. Well, at least one of them is a word: Lil Wayne.

I had a couple of different requests for posts today. One was from Scott in La Habra, CA, who insisted I write a post on how a team coming off of a sweep in a Championship Series facing a team that went the distance in their Series is 0-3 all-time. But that is pretty much the post right there.

Instead, I’m going with the fact that somebody at MLB, presumably with a college degree and years of experience, decided that Lil Wayne should sing during one of their postseason games. Listen to this piece of shit attempt Take Me Out To The Ball Game during Sunday’s 7th Inning Stretch in San Francisco:

So, this is why Taylor Swift is winning Grammy Awards at a record pace. What the fuck was that? Is Lil Wayne deaf? Seriously, MLB could have saved themselves a boatload of cash and gotten the same result if they would have sent this guy out there to sing (go to 1:32 mark of the clip):

Even more disturbing is that Lil Wayne surpassed Elvis Presley last month with the most Billboard Hot 100 hits for a male artist, further proof that if you want to be commercially successful in America these days, you must lack talent.

And finally, what was with the Giants fans cheering this clown? I agree with most that their fans were terrific the last two games and a huge part of getting the Giants into the World Series, but to cheer something that was almost as awful as Eddie Murphy in A Thousand Words is just ludicrous. They’re basically telling the sports world that you can yell anything into a mic, but as long as you follow it up with “Go Giants,” you’ll get their love.

Say what you want about Cubs fans, but at least when some douche does something unworthy of an applause, they let him have it:

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3 Responses to Probably The Worst Thing I’ve Heard Since My Grandma Farted In Church

  1. Brad Wells says:

    Is he drunk or high?

  2. muktown says:

    Somewhere in Texas John Jolly just spit some purple drank on his white undershirt laughing at Lil Wayne’s performance.

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