Jael Miller is Sassy


by Tommy Gimler

When Maxim asked Jael Miller what her relationship status was, she replied with “Hooked Up.” She’s also “kinda obsessed with boots.” Sassy.

Hailing from Athens, OH, Jael was selected as a Hometown Hottie by Maxim, and she continues to do events for them across the country. She likes to ride motorcycles and horses, and she can balance anything on her head. Danger zone…

She’s very passionate about football, soccer, and Ohio University basketball, and she loves anything that makes her laugh. It’s probably why she loves The DUD.

She’s single, and oh yeah, she’s smoking hot, too:


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3 Responses to Jael Miller is Sassy

  1. dave says:

    She’s my third favorite Miller.

    1. Cheryl Miller
    2. Andre Miller
    3. Jael Miller
    4. Wentworth Miller
    5. Marissa Miller
    6. Regge Miller

    • tgim says:

      I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear that. Cheryl Miller does call a good basketball game, but Jael could call a guy-on-guy skin flick, and I would listen.

  2. John says:

    Hey People call her C.J here in Athens, she is nice lady when you meet her in person, but there is a bad rap about her in town. Her parents do not like her job and they raised her in a way that would make her a conservative woman but she grew up against their wish. Her mother cries every day because of these revealing pictures.

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