Who You Got?


by Tommy Gimler

The best part about filling out brackets is that nobody, not even you Tommy Thurin, gets every pick correct. So, should you just flip a coin to determine the winners?

According to The Detroit Free Press, which is ironic since I didn’t know Detroit has a literate population, you have a better chance of winning Powerball three consecutive times than you do filling out a perfect bracket by flipping a coin. Don’t stress out over every 8-9  and 7-10 matchup, either. Odds are only 1 in 200 people will get all eight of those games correct.

We all admit that we’re probably wrong, but for what it’s worth, here’s who we like at The DUD:

Tommy Gimler says:

My best advice: Do two brackets with two different champions. Nothing sucks more than watching Northern Iowa upset your national champion on the first Saturday. Just in case Creighton gets a case of Napoleon complex, you’ll still be interested in the second weekend if you have somebody else besides North Carolina in your other bracket.

First player to get ejected from a tournament game: Yancy Gates, Cincinnati Bearcats

Final Four on bracket #1: UNC, Ohio State, Kentucky, Michigan State. UNC beats Michigan State for the title.

Reasoning: It just feels like one of those years where the big boys step up and take care of business.

Final Four on bracket #2: Baylor, Florida, Kansas, Florida State. Baylor beats Florida State for the title.

Reasoning: Just in case it’s not one of those years.

J. LaSussa says:

Picking my bracket takes about 5 minutes.  A little bit of a smell and taste, I’ve probably watched half the teams in the field play at least one complete game.  Maybe something stuck out to me, maybe not.  Next I try to base my bracket on a coach’s past success.  The coach is the only constant year to year, so I try to stick close to the guys that have had a lot of success in the past.  Lastly I try to take into account NBA talent on a team.  That being said….


The South-  I have Duke coming out of the bracket.  Yes, I am a closet Duke Fan.  I honestly don’t think Kentucky faced enough challenges throughout the year and don’t have upperclassmen leadership.  I actually see Wichita State picking Kentucky off in the Sweet 16.  John Calipari is really hard for me to cheer for, but he does have a talented roster.  I just can’t picture this team responding well the first time they get kicked in the face and are on the ropes.  Duke has players still fresh from a National Championship, and sons of former NBA players.  I don’t see a lot of resistance in the 7/10 or 3/6/11/14 seeds either.  I would also say playing in Atlanta wouldn’t benefit Kentuck a whole lot.  I’ll take Coach K’s leadership and experience and bank on Duke getting to New Orleans.


The West- Being from Wisconsin, it is tough for me to say but I love Tom Izzo as a coach.  He gets the most out of every team he coaches, and he thrives in March.  His record as a #1 seed in this tournament speaks for itself (Three 1 seeds, reached the Final Four each time). Memphis or St. Louis could prove to be a threat to Michigan St. in the second round (it is the second round by the way, play-in games are play-in games), but Izzo also has a great record on Saturday/Sunday in the tournament.  Missouri is the sexy pick to come out of the West, but in Izzo I trust.


The East- Fab Melo being suspended kills the Orange.  Besides Syracuse’s Title with Carmelo Anthony, Jim Boeheim’s teams have typically disappointed in the tournament.  Losing their big man will eventually be the downfall in Syracuse’s zone defense.  One thing about playing zone, is all it takes is for one team to catch fire and shoot out of the zone. Unfortunately for Syracuse it usually happens once every four games and prevents them from cutting down the nets.  So who’s the choice to cut down the nets in Boston?  I’ll take Thad Matta and the Ohio State Buckeyes.  They have upperclassmen leadership, and NBA talent in Jared Sullinger.  Thad Matta has been to Final Fours and an NCAA Championship Game.


The Midwest- UNC has all the talent in the world, and have a great coach.  Why haven’t they put it together this year though?  When I watched, the Tarheels seemed to be missing emotion.  UNC has played a full game a handful of times.  When they got Florida State in the ACC Championship it had “payback” written all over it but UNC didn’t bring it.  I don’t see how UNC can just turn it on and win 4 games in a row with this squad. They have a relatively easily route to the Elite 8 as well, but I think Kansas and Bill Self will pick them off.


Coach K, Tom Izzo, Thad Matta, and Bill Self in the Final Four.  Once we get to New Orleans I see Tom Izzo cutting the nets down against Kansas.  Enjoy the Madness!

Vinny “The Book” says:

Let me preface this by saying I do not watch basketball. With that being said, here are my lead pipe locks for the Final Four. Do not bet on these.1) Duke – I would have given my left testicle to be a Blue Devil. Unless that’s the one my son came from…in which case I would have given my right. They will win and hence I will win. Fact.

2) Michigan State – Tom Izzo has made the Final Four 3 times already and his name ends in a vowel…I’m sold.

3) Syracuse – I have a lot of Upstate New York friends that pop their collars, fake bake, and wear orange. I feel bad for them.

4) Georgetown – I’m sure as shit not picking UNC out of this bracket. I don’t care if Jordan reincarnated himself on the court. I hate them. I have the Hoyas barely topping the Temple Owls in the Elite 8.

Barry Murphy says:
I picked my whole bracket in two minutes, and I have little use for college basketball in my life.


Dave Iacch “The Voice of No Reason” says:
The field hasn’t been this out of control since Mr. Roper yelled at Jack Tripper for making too much noise while watching his two girl roommates make out.


Final Four: Kentucky, Syracuse, Michigan, and Louisville. Louisville wins it all!
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