by Vinny “The Book”

I was going to start this with a rhetorical question….”Are you tired of hearing about Tim Tebow?”…but I can’t think of anyone aside from the hardcore Christian community who would not answer that question with a “yes”.

I definitely get all of his acclaim from his collegiate success, but he has proven that although he “wins wins wins” he does little to help at the QB position aside from whatever intangibles people claim he has.  His QB rating last year was 72.9….72.9!  Here are a few names that finished above him with a minimum 250 pass attempts (Tavaris Jackson, Kyle Orton, Mark Sanchez, and…Colt McCoy…yes Colt McCoy!).

Think about the relevancy of someone like Tebow from amateur ranks to professional ranks in other sports and lets think about how much we hear about them.

Things that make you go “hmmmm” starting with Mr. Greg Oden:

  • He was supposed to be the next BIG thing.  Literally.  He led Ohio State to an NCAA Finals appearance in his freshmen year and then was the #1 overall draft pick the following year by the Portland Trailblazers.  Boom…before the season even starts he needs season ending surgery and we pretty much never hear about him ever again.  How come this wasn’t repeated over and over and over.  On March 15th, 2012 he was finally waived by the Blazers.  Take out the injury and is this the same path for Tebow?  Tons of money…no results?


The most hyped pitcher I can remember ever in my life….Stephen Strasburg


  • Now this kid I still think is the real deal.  He is a terror for any batter.  I think there was a period of about 6 months when all we heard about what Strasburg.  That seemed annoying but deserved.  Lets see though…how long have we been talking about Tebow?  Ehhh…5 years.  Strasburg has a solid chance at creating a career where he will be a valuable member to a squad (Nats will probably only keep him another 2 years realistically and may go onto Yankees or Red Sox fame – his contract was 4 years in 2009).  We should be hearing about a freak like him every day right now in the midst of spring training. He is starting Opening Day for the Nats, and all I’ve seen is his name on the bottom line on SportsCenter.

Now we have to deal with the hordes of J-E-T-S..JETS..JETS..JETS fans telling us how good their team would be with Tebow as the starter instead of Sanchez.  Come on.

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