Missing Cinderella


by Tommy Gimler

For the first time in four years, I didn’t have to change my shorts once on day one of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Maybe it’s because Busby’s cooks their chicken all the way through, or maybe day one really didn’t produce its usual Cinderella team.

It’s not like day one didn’t have its exciting moments. The VCU/Wichita St. game this afternoon was one of the better tourney games in recent memory, and both teams were so equally matched that it can’t be called a major upset.

A number one almost went down. I mean there really is no other way to say it: If you have Syracuse going all the way, here is a link to a “second chance” tournament: http://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t2/group/1789.

Biggest Upset

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Tourney Pick ‘Em, the biggest upset of the day was Colorado taking down UNLV. Only 21.2% chose Colorado advancing to the next round. Surprisingly, only 77% selected UNLV. That means that 1.8% of the participants decided something of historic proportions would happen, and nobody would advance from that game.

Chris Brown Beatdown of the Day

Nobody has been harder on Wisconsin Badgers basketball than The Daily Upper Decker. Frankly, I enjoy seeing more than one field goal every twelve minutes. But today was a different story. Holding Montana to 49 points was pretty much the norm for Bo Ryan’s squad, but Bucky lit up the Grizzlies for 73 points as well. The game was never close in the second half and was a welcome sight for all Badgers fans. On a side note, how has Marlboro not endorsed Bo Ryan yet? He just has the look of guy who’s hiding a pack of heaters somewhere in that red blazer.

The DUD Bracket Challenge Day One Leaders

Ginger or Schany – 15 of 16 correct

Tony Iacch – 15 of 16

The DUD – 14 of 16

Magic Johnson has AIDS – 14 of 16

Cobra McJingle(Basket)balls – 14 of 16

Carp’s Picks – 14 of 16

Garth Dudarth’s Galactic Picks – 14 of 16

Six others are also at 14 of 16.

The tourney is young kids. Don’t spend that $100 yet…

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