Sweet Dunk…


by Tommy Gimler

…but you were down by three, Martell.


Much like JaVale McGee two weeks ago, I don’t expect Martell Webster to invent the cure for cancer. But I do expect you to know that you don’t get three points for a dunk no matter how badass it is. Then again, with that haircut, maybe you don’t know that 102 minus 99 equals 3.

In 2005, Martell signed to play college basketball for the Washington Huskies but opted to go straight to the NBA instead. I could insert twenty-seven different jokes here, but maybe the joke is on me. I can count to three, but Martell Webster is the one who is the final year of a $20 million contract extension.

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One Response to Sweet Dunk…

  1. Yeah I was watching this game live when this happened. I could not believe it. It is baffling how many times players do not know situations now days.

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